The Statue of Socrates at the Academy of Athens.
Work of Leonidas Drosis (d. 1880). Photo (cropped) by C messier (2016)
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Socrates vs. University Accreditation

What we know of Socrates (c. 470 - 399 B.C.) comes second hand, written by his students including Plato and Aristotle. Socrates was indicted 399 B.C. for impiety, introducing other new divinities not recognized by the state, for corrupting the youth, and sentenced by the people of Athens to death, an unthinkable outcome today except in PR China and such totalitarian states with universities accredited by America's oldest agency under its alchemistic so called gold standard, compromising academic freedom of inquiry in the service of dictatorship.

Your faculty's freedoms of thought and conception are important and essential to the communication of ideas and facts, even those inconvenient to authorities, without being targeted for repression, job loss, or imprisonment. Accreditation is destructive that sets rules for academic competence based on
  • mandatory research and results that no one needs to know,
  • yesterday's curricula that ignore the future,
  • commercial and industrial impacts,
  • indoctrinated student learning outcomes,
  • high-income employment
while tolerating gross violations of human rights, profiting from Chinese governmental repression and annihilation of millions of indigenous Uyghur people in their homes and concentration camps by accrediting its universities, as done by America's most popular accreditation agency for the so called advancement of global schools of business. This agency's bureaucracy has lost the support of its own founding Ivy League universities.

The only essential criteria that AASBI requires are — Application checklist and affirmation
  • observation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
  • academically and/or professionally qualified faculty
  • adequate facilities
  • financial responsibility
  • nominal accreditation dues.
AASBI does not require a particular curriculum, impact or learning outcomes which are difficult to measure, rankings or such other superficial attributes. We know you even before you apply. The entire accreditation process is un-bureaucratic and straight-forward, completed, as it should be, in about one month's time.

Created/updated 2020-10-12