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    Professional Accounting Accreditation through IICPA

  • The AASBI's Accreditation Standards

  • GAEP Generally Accepted Education Principles
  • GAESA Generally Accepted Educational Standards on Auditing

  • — The above Principles and Standards are also freely downloadable as a PDF.

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    formerly founded as Asian Association of Schools of Business International Incorporated 2011 in the State of Delaware, United States — currently Associated Verein by a Charter adopted and operated under Swiss law — recognizing and accrediting international Schools of Business and Educators on the worldwide web this

        The value of the MBA comes from the mindset one develops in business school

        Here's the little secret that the Harvard Business Schools of the world don't talk about — "Business education is the same, everywhere," says Dean Woods (2018), a Wharton graduate, start-up executive, recovering consultant and writer.
        Take accounting — a convention adopted as GAAP and IFRS. "These accounting rules are the exact same everywhere in the country. You're not going to learn some brilliant accounting rule at Harvard that nobody else knows."
        "What about finance? The mechanics of everything from the ROI calculation to a sophisticated LBO model are the exact same everywhere. At it's core, finance is just math. Stock picking is the exact same. Bobby Axelrod insider-trading aside, everyone can look up the technicals of a stock in about 10 seconds and make an investment decision."
        "Or strategy? It's a sexy buzzword, but is an MBA program really the best place to learn it? Brian Chesky of Airbnb is a personal hero and one of the top strategic thinkers in the business world. No MBA. Steve Jobs definitely wasn't either..."
        Most of the MBA course material is available online. "Matt Damon says: 'You're going to realize you dropped $150K on an education you could have gotten for a $1.50 in late charges from the public library.' "
        "The value of the MBA came from the mindset one develops in business school. It comes from the desire to learn, to set and achieve goals, to cultivate a growth mindset, to try new challenges, to force yourself to talk to someone new. The value of the MBA is all intangible."

    AASBI Brochure January 2024
    GSB Geneva Business School   AASBI Accredited since 2013

    The President and Deans
    Faculties of School and Business Administration

    AASBI Accreditation

    The 8 Ivy Leave Universities including Harvard, Princeton and Yale are also the endowment Schools of Business in the United States, how also the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business to provide accreditation to schools of business for hundred a years ago in 1916. The five institutions with the largest Ivy's endowments FY2021 were Harvard $53 billion, Yale $42 billion, Stanford $38 billion, Princeton University, $37 billion, University Texas System $40 billion, and the United States in all institution $700 billion.

    Top 100 Universities in Thailand ranked by July 2023 by EduRank based on research outputs, non-academic prominence, and alumni influence, rankings are determined by 125. The difference Harvard between to Mahidol is so stark an annual budget 30 times larger to Harvard. Endowments has Harvard is $51 billion (2023), but Mahidol with none but Mahidol does generate income through its hospitalities.

    Bill Gates (Microsoft) has awarded $11.6 billion in funding to 471 universities and higher education institutions in 66 countries over the past 10 years, 92% of its ersity funding goes to universities in high income countries, 8% goes to middle income countries, just $20 million was awarded to 13 universities in low income countries een 2010-19.

    We ask whether United States accreditation has a meaningful impact on university admissions, the restricting attention to business schools decrease in enrollments, failing and evidence that AACSB accreditation halts this negative enrollment trend ("Accreditation and Student Demand (2022), researchrepository.wvu.edu).

    I am pleased that the AASBI Accreditation are along interested with your Application (see found on our home web at AASBI.com. or the attached here to the brochure).

    AASBI Application Checklist & Affirmation — Updated January/February 2024 MS Word. The accepted AASBI Accredited and the AASBI Certificate are free's of charge.

    Dues - AASBI business accreditation — GAEP 26: The Applicant undertakes to remit the AASBI's regular accreditation dues $2,650 USD per annual year for schools of business.


    Academe's reputation as a place of ideas where the freedom of expression enshrined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Humans Rights is especially valued and protected.

    AASBI accredits schools of business in countries that observe and guarantee the

  • United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other rights, including the right to
  • Life, liberty and security of the person
  • without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.
  • AASBI believes in the integrity of the individual as opposed to the despotism of the state as the basis of democracy, and that education must be free from political control. — Ref.: Ralph Cooper Hutchison, "Facism and Higher Education," The Atlantic June 1939 Issue.


    Who we are — AASBI is a global accreditor of qualified university-level schools of business worldwide that are serving the public interest with academically rich and diverse student bodies, providing culturally relevant professional learning experiences in stimulating environments that guarantee the freedom of expression and other basic universal human rights. AASBI, also known as the Asian Association of Schools of Business International, was established in 2011 under the Laws of the State of Delaware, promoting holistic Generally Accepted Educational PrinciplesSocrates vs. AccreditationPDF   |   More About Business School Accreditation.

    Holistic approach: The applying school is the best judge of its student-expectations, its faculty, course requirements and learning outcomes — varying widely between cultures and continents. AASBI does not mentor, regiment and subject the academic experience to uniform Western standards, or assess the school's powerful impact on — or its well-mannered detachment from — the demands of commerce & industry masquerading under the motto of public interest; except for the basic affirmations listed on the mentioned application form, and the all-important observation of universal human rights by the institution and the nation state. Self-assessment studies and peer reviews are of no interest, and we do not normally conduct institutional visits.

    The Application Process:   Invited or self-inivited schools of business submit an Applicationn Checklist and Affirmation to us. On acceptance of the application, we send out our invoice for dues for the initial 3-year accreditation period for payment, followed by the school's AASBI Accreditation certificate and license authorizing the use of the trademarked AASBI Accredited certification mark(s).

    AASBI does not charge an application &/or admission fee. Nominal annual dues apply.

    The entire AASBI Business Accreditation process for invited, pre-examined, recognized and eligible fast-tracked schools of business is completed within 30 days.

    The AASBI's recognized accounting accreditation is awarded by the affiliated IICPA — the International Institute of Certified Professional Accountants.

    The regular application process — for non-invited business schools: (1) Submit an Application letter, then download and (2) submit the Application Checklist and Affirmation as instructed on the form, (3) answer correspondence from AASBI, if required.

    Today is . — Your School of Business could be accredited by the AASBI in three months or before, if certain information requirements can be independently verified or satisfied by alternative means.

    Continued in the ARCHIVE.

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